Friday, 23 September 2011

Static water tank WIP

Been playing around with another scenery element which should go well with the colonial buildings I've been painting up recently. It'll be a static water/fuel tank, good for scenery or an objective.

The tank was taken off a toy train piece I picked up at a car boot. Once the tank was separated from the under carridge, the join line was smoothed and a plasticard skirt was added to give it a sturdy base. Hopefully get a chance to paint this up at the weekend.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Painted terrain pieces

Some pics of the paintjob on the colonial workshop from the last post, along with some other HO terrain bits. Should be good for a mid-tech colonial outpost.

The Wills HO sheds come in a pack of two, the first is part of the workshop, the second shed was painted an off-whte colour. The large barrels are some 28mm resin pieces which were glued together with some plasticard added to the side to look like some scrap metal.  The barrels are pretty over-sized for 15mm but the size is not too much of a stretch in a sci-fi setting. Will make a decent piece of full cover during a game. I took the tires from an old matchbox truck I picked up from a car boot, which were glued into two piles and given a quick painting. Got a few more terrain bits on the go but probably going to try to get some new figures painted.