Friday, 28 October 2011

Hornby HO Nissen Hut

Picked this up from a model shop in Portmadog on a recent break in Wales. Scales up really well with 15mm figs and the pre-paint is pretty nice.

Because it's hollow cast the windows are clear which is a nice touch.

Friday, 21 October 2011

Khurasan's JTFB

Yesterday Jon posted some pics of his new JTFB range over on TMP.  These were a lot of fun to sculpt and it's really great to see the response they've been getting. Here are some pics of the greens showing some different angles for some of the figures.

Friday, 14 October 2011

Anti-grav flit WIP

My girlfriend went shopping the other day and came back with a this for me!

She said she saw it and thought it was "spacy" looking. It called DEORA 11 from hotwheels and definately has some 15mm sci-fi potential.  First thoughs were to to remove wheels and fill in the gaps for a nice anti-grav truck. Then I spotted the surf boards on the back so began thinking about ways to remove or hide them. It occured that it may look cooler with the whole of the mid section removed making a small 2-seater flit.

It only had one rivet on the bottom and it's plastic so it was a matter of seconds to scalpel it off and get to the parts.

Once it was apart I could dremel the mid section away resulting in this.

I think I'll fill the gap between the back of the cab and the arch over the engine so that the engine will only be seen from the rear. Will end up being something like this.

The bottom of the windscreen over hangs the body so this will have to be sorted either sanding the windscreen back and then buffing it smooth or building the front of the body out a bit. Just need to work out a way to join the two halves so the interior bits will still fit in.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Jaka Walsh and Duke

Jon over at Khurasan has just released the first two of a set of figures I sculpted back in the summer. These were one-off rpg type figures with a bounty hunter vibe. After seeing the post on TMP I spoke to Jon and he sent over some high rez pics so I could post them here. Figures painted by Chris Yaro.

These have become part of the DLPS range with a nice background story with Jaka being a ex-cop Bondmans and Duke a net shooting robotic gundog!

Monday, 3 October 2011

Garn Commander

Being new to a scale has its advantages. I managed to double my painted figure count in one session by finishing a second 15mm sci-fi figure! For years the only figure I had finished was the yellow-suited citadel Traveller figure I've used on this blog for a bit of scale. At this point I probably got about 200+ unpainted in the lead pile so my painted to unpainted ratio is pretty dismal... always was a slow painter!

 I added the sword to the Garn when I bought him a few years back. It was originally the bayonet and rifle-end off a Dixon Dahomey figure. The jumpsuit was sculpted after being inspired by Spacejacker's Garn conversions over at Tiny Solitary Soldiers.

I've got 8 Garn troopers and two heavy weapon conversions still in the lead pile which I'm planning to paint different colours in terms of their clothing so they should look like a bunch of irregular rag-tag space pirates when they're finished.

Not much gaming potential with just two figures. Being a big fan of metagaming Melee I might try some duels using the Legends of Time and Space . I'd probably drop the IQ stat, allow a running shot to be attempted on 4/DX, no grenades, and add in the dodge movement option and the critical hit/miss rules from Melee and see how that plays.  Should be fast and bloody fun!

Painted static water tank

Some pics the finished static water tank from the last post.