Monday, 3 October 2011

Garn Commander

Being new to a scale has its advantages. I managed to double my painted figure count in one session by finishing a second 15mm sci-fi figure! For years the only figure I had finished was the yellow-suited citadel Traveller figure I've used on this blog for a bit of scale. At this point I probably got about 200+ unpainted in the lead pile so my painted to unpainted ratio is pretty dismal... always was a slow painter!

 I added the sword to the Garn when I bought him a few years back. It was originally the bayonet and rifle-end off a Dixon Dahomey figure. The jumpsuit was sculpted after being inspired by Spacejacker's Garn conversions over at Tiny Solitary Soldiers.

I've got 8 Garn troopers and two heavy weapon conversions still in the lead pile which I'm planning to paint different colours in terms of their clothing so they should look like a bunch of irregular rag-tag space pirates when they're finished.

Not much gaming potential with just two figures. Being a big fan of metagaming Melee I might try some duels using the Legends of Time and Space . I'd probably drop the IQ stat, allow a running shot to be attempted on 4/DX, no grenades, and add in the dodge movement option and the critical hit/miss rules from Melee and see how that plays.  Should be fast and bloody fun!


  1. Very cool figure, well done.

  2. Amazing work, love it. And thanks for the mention!