Saturday, 13 August 2011

Hotwheels h2go landspeeder

A few years back I picked up this hotwheels model. Even though it's a speedboat with a massive petrol engine I always thought it'd make a cool sci-fi landspeeder. Considering it's a toy that cost just over a pound there are some nice details on the model.

In order to paint some of the parts it's worth breaking the model apart by drilling out the two rivet heads on the underside of the model.  I find it best to do this by hand with a 15/20mm drill bit.

Once the rivet caps are off the model can be broken apart. Took the wheels off and put them in the bits box.

At this stage I went over the two body halves with a fine wet and dry paper to give the primer something to key too. Then all the bits were cleaned and primed grey.

Going for a two tone paint job I settled on a Turquiose and off-white for the body and interior, with the seats and steering wheel a leather brown. Engine would be drybrushed metallic silver. Here's a pic with some of  the base colour applied. Looked a bit clean at this stage...

Once all the basic painting was done it was dirtied up by smearing some washes of black and leather brown to some areas of the model, particularly the underside and the rear near the engines, then some areas were scraped away to show some of the original red paint.

The model re-assembled prior to varnishing.  Once it's all varnished and glued I'll probably use 3 bits of brass rod under the body to raise it off the ground slightly for an anti-grav effect. I'm pretty pleased with how the scrapes look where the original red colour is showing through.

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  1. This landspeeder is cool, I will be looking out for hotwheels speed boats from now on.