Wednesday, 30 November 2011

another HO shed...

This is the last of the HO sheds I bought a while back. By Peco it's called Coal Merchants Office. Makes a decent little colonist building.

The windows are hollow and you cut the blister packaging to size to make the glass. I scuffed the blister up and rubbed in some brown paint to dirty the glass up. This also made it opaque so you can't see the plain interior. Some bits of debris added to the roof to make it look more scruffy. Scales pretty well with 15mm sci-fi figs.

To add some interest there's a  HO chocalate bar dispenser stuck to the side painted rusted up. Got a few of these in a pack. Might glue some back to back to make a little free standing doodad. Could put a little plasticard "screen" on both sides to make a public "vid phone".